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A course of deca durabolin and testosterone propionate



To play the big game you will have to adhere to its rules. In our case, you should follow the rules for taking anabolic steroids to avoid side effects. A lot of people talk about the Deca Propionate cycle, but after searching for information, I realized that there is not that much out there.

Dosages and course duration

On the steroid market, deca durabolin injectable is presented in several dosages of 100/200/250 mg/ml; we will focus on the Balkan nandroloe d and make all calculations based on it. Testosterone propionate is more stable and has a dosage of 100 mg/ml.

When using anabolic drugs, you should adhere to the minimum dosages. This tactic will help you stay healthy, avoid side effects, and save money. We will give propionate at 175 mg per week, and deca at 200 mg. If you have experience with this combination and for some reason it doesn’t bother you, you can double the dosage.

The duration of the course starts from 12 weeks, all calculations will be carried out based on them. Why exactly 12? Because during this period of time your body will have time to completely rebuild itself and it will be easier for it to come off hormonal therapy with a little support.
Reception scheme

Propionate is given every day at 25 mg or every other day at 50 mg. To avoid misunderstandings, let us clarify that the half-life of propik is 21 hours, and it is quite normal to take it every day. If it were not for the oil, which after 3-4 days begins to dissolve more slowly in the body, which means that the substance enters the blood more slowly than we would like. Therefore, you can bet every day, but it is not necessary.

Nandrolone decanoate has a half-life of 7 days, it is during this period that it reveals all its properties, and then the effect goes to zero. To maintain the effect at the same level, take 200 mg (0.5 ml) of deca once a week.

On the day you need to take both Deca and Propionate, you can mix them together, so you don’t have to do two injections. Nothing bad will happen from mixing, both substances are in the oil and mix perfectly. (Unless you accidentally bought water-based propionate, such a substance cannot be mixed with the deck).

How much can you get?

Sometimes I ask myself this question when I take the course again, but then common sense kicks in. It will not be possible to predict how much you will gain with only the names of the drugs. There are many factors on which the set depends: sensitivity of receptors to drugs, nutrition, sleep, training, daily activity, quality of anabolic steroids and even force majeure circumstances (illness, etc.)

By adhering to a given regimen (we will definitely write about it in another article), you can gain from 8 to 14 kilograms of muscle mass.

After a course of therapy, it is mandatory, because the deck leaves no chance.

We will use human chorionic gonadotropin twice during the course and after it. During the course, it is placed after 45 days, in a separate muscle, where the test and deck are not placed. This is a mandatory rule, if you put the test in the buttocks, place the gonad in the shoulders, quadriceps, biceps, the main thing is that water does not get into the oil, otherwise abscesses may appear.